Certified Master Life Coach​
Specializing in Relationships

​​​​​​ Hello and welcome, I'm Nancy Brooker 
and I'm so happy you're here!

I help my clients embrace their authenticity and purpose
in all aspects of their lives  so they can move forward 
with calm, confidence  and a renewed energy for living!

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I was struggling in life both personally and professionally when I was introduced to Nancy Brooker through a mutual friend. I was starting an organization to help people find their new life and identity after experiencing a loss. Nancy generously agreed to meet with my group and introduce them to EFT. I had worked with an EFT practitioner before but Nancy's compassion and innate understanding of human emotions brought a whole new depth to the experience.
Moving forward Nancy agreed to coach me personally as we discussed my issues around self esteem and confidence. Her talents and perceptiveness helped me realize that I had subconscious blocks due to emotional neglect as a child. Not only had this effected my personal relationships but also the ability to reach success with my professional projects.
Nancy goes above and beyond every time we meet, her genuine care is always evident. I'm happy to say that my projects are moving forward and I have gained the personal insight towards healing my relationships.    

Marylou Drygas, Brampton, ON


Nancy joined IAIC for its annual conference and celebration providing attendees with an engaging and informative workshop focusing on rapport building and dealing with stressed out clients. Feedback was so positive that when the opportunity arose to invite her to speak again I secured her again without reservation.

Karin McNabb B.A, CM
Vice President, Marketing

Independent Accountants' Investment Counsel Inc.
Using EFT to Set SMARTer Goals and
Realize Your Dreams

Nancy undertook a major career change a few years back by learning EFT and seeing where it could take her. She has completely risen to the challenge and clever are those who create the opportunity to work with her.  She has a genuinely kind and graceful nature about her and people immediately feel comfortable working with her. Nancy recently spoke at an event I founded and did an amazing job presenting material on how to use Tapping for setting and achieving goals. Her presentation was thorough, organized, professional and authentic as well as being a comfortable learning experience. She was a joy to have at our event and I'd have her return any time. I'd recommend Nancy without hesitation for personal transformational work as well as on site presentations.

Susan Bushell, Energy Therapist 
AAMET International Master Trainer

It was absolutely time well spent and healed very deep, entrenched trauma within me. I have had no other effective treatment like this one.
  I felt massive, absolute, permanent shifts in the way I perceive past trauma, almost as if I've gone back in time and changed the situation. The healing was that profound.

JB, Guelph, ON
I just wanted to thank you so much for your work the other day. The experience was amazing, and the results have been phenomenal. It's been three days, and everything is just falling together. I'm experiencing a flow, a growth, a recognition of my own power, and abilities I didn't have before.
I actually feel the Emotional Freedom that I've been doing all this tapping seeking. I'm aware of the benefits, and I can see the changes.
It's awesome!

Daniel S.,  Vancouver, BC​​​
It has been my privilege to receive the benefits of Nancy Brooker's BOS (Biocomputer Operating System) energy work. 

Now retired, I used BOS as part of my energy practice* since 1994, after I studied with the founders - the late Dr. Harvey Steel and his son, Larry Steel.  BOS and its effectiveness were also part of the research I did for my PhD in Energy Medicine at Holos University.   

In 2013, I took a course taught by Larry Steel as a refresher.  We were fortunate to have Nancy as a classmate because of her thorough and 
meticulous attention to detail.  After receiving balances (BOS treatments) from her in person during the class, I knew Nancy was a natural and had the "it" factor when it came to BOS.  I think Harvey would have been impressed.  Nancy is both intuitive and grounded.  She embodies humility and integrity, and understands this work comes from a greater power that works through us.   
Since that class, Nancy and I have been exchanging distance balances as a support for our daily lives. I spontaneously gave Nancy my feedback following particularly helpful balances:
 "I feel calmer and more present with my grief and therefore with my family."
 "As always, you're right on."

   "You and your work are amazing, Nancy Brooker.  Cough improved steadily throughout the day.  And sniffles improved in the late evening.  Even my family noticed the difference especially with the cough.  The issue [you found] 'Fear of loss of control' is bang on.  Thank you so very much for caring and sharing your gift with me.  I think your work is brilliant."

Karin Cremasco, Guelph, ON

*Note: It is important to use conventional medicine and/or counselling when necessary.  I've found conventional healthcare to be significantly enhanced when it is complemented with energy work and/or other natural healing methods.  KC

I'd like to take this opportunity and give you an update. I've attended 2 gatherings since the session with you. I made a point of paying attention to my leg shaking thing: there has been none! Not even when I had the floor and was explaining Energy Psychology to a whole group of people who have never heard of those words together before. Furthermore, for the first time today (well yesterday Jan 2nd), I noticed that my husband shaking his legs as he worked at his desk. To be honest, I don't remember him doing that before. Before the session with you, I'd have likely started shaking my own legs as well, without even realizing it. But not this time, I noticed him doing it and it neither bothered nor annoyed me.
I'd like to thank you again for having worked with me to rid of that annoying habit.

Tina T., Kitchener​​
Nancy is one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out.  She is a person where trust and support is a given. Whenever we work together it feels easy even if we work on profound stuff. The reason why she is a great practitioner is because she cares about people, is very passionate about learning constantly new modalities that will help to make people feel better, and she is very meticulous in her work.  
I am so grateful that our paths met and for the profound differences her work had on my personal healing.

Mona Meyer, Toronto